Saturday, 15 August 2015

ON-TRIAL: cruelty-free sun protection

SPF is quite the buzzword at the moment, with some hot debates going on about the quality of protection certain brands are offering, and constant updates to textures and formulations. Throw in the cruelty-free thing and your options are fairly limited - so what have I been using?

In previous years, I've used the likes of Piz Buin and Hawaiian Tropic - both their parent companies test on animals, and to be honest, I haven't been impressed with their performance either. So this summer I was presented with a new challenge - buy cruelty-free and don't get burnt.

Both Marks & Spencer and Superdrug have pledged their own-brand products to Cruelty Free International, displaying that oh-so-satisfying Leaping Bunny symbol that just makes my life so much easier. With a juicy 50% off suncare at M&S, I went on a little spree for the majority of my holiday SPF - raiding their shelves for factors 15 and 30 (I know, I know, I should have bought 50!) in both their sensitive and general ranges. They didn't offer a facial sunscreen though, so I popped to Superdrug and picked up the Solait Face Fluid in SPF30 (also available in SPF50).

I have to say, I've been really impressed with the protection both brands offer - I didn't get burnt at all. The M&S Sun Smart range is a solid option if you're going away; very moisturising and non-greasy. I'm often susceptible to heat rash but didn't have a problem at all with either formula. It's fragrance-free, so great for sensitive skins, although I have to admit I did miss that pleasing holiday-in-a-bottle smell.

The Face Fluid was pretty good too - although possibly a little heavy for me, since my skin has decided to become completely oily of late, as opposed to its former dry and dehydrated state. It didn't make my breakouts any worse though, which is a bonus. If you're more on the dry side I'd probably recommend this more, but equally it did the job for me just fine. As something to slather on by the pool it was perfect - but it's not something I'd apply underneath makeup if you're prone to a little shine like me!

All in all, both Superdrug and M&S own-brands are a great place to start if you're after some good, honest SPF with an animal-friendly conscience. Hopefully the English sunshine will make an appearance once again so I can finish them up here!

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