Thursday, 10 September 2015

Cult product on trial: Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray

For the past few months I've been testing out a product that most bloggers seem to love - the Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray. So what do I think? I cast my cynic's eye over it...

As someone who has major makeup-longevity problems, I'd invested a lot of hope in this product when I purchased it back in May. In case you're not aware, it's a mist that you spritz over your face once your makeup is applied - it's supposed to 'set' your makeup in place to help it last throughout the day.

I bought the travel-size, and it's lasted me a long time - I certainly don't use it every day though. The first obstacle I've come across with this product is that it's no good for someone who is constantly doing their makeup on the go (aka, me). I have a rule not to use any products that could interfere with the person sat next to me - I don't think Mr Businessman would appreciate a face-full of setting spray on his morning commute!

That aside, it really does deserve its place in my weekend makeup routine. For me, the absolute best thing about this product is the finish it gives to the skin. One quick spritz and any signs of powdery-ness (real word?!) are eliminated - the skin is softened and you're left with a lovely glow. I particularly love to use this when I'm wearing mineral makeup; it just softens that slightly matte look you can get with certain powder products. Below you can see the lovely natural glow it gives (and my awkward 'setting spray face' - bonus!).

So what about longevity? I have to admit that it's been pretty hit-and-miss - I can't say that I can 100% recommend this if you want your makeup to last all day. Although, my skin is a mess - it can't decide whether it's oily, dry, spotty, hormonal, all of the above - so perhaps the results of this will alter depending. For a full day when my makeup is on from 8am to 8pm, this doesn't quite cut it I'm afraid - but for shorter days or nights out I do notice that my base stays put longer, and looks flawless and natural.

If you struggle with your foundation or powder looking heavy or cakey, I'd definitely recommend this as a last step in your routine. Let me know if you try it!


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