Saturday, 12 September 2015

Ecotools Complexion Collection - cruelty-free brushes

For those that don't know, Ecotools are a fantastic option when it comes to cruelty-free makeup brushes. I'm a big fan of the range - they use synthetic taklon bristles which are extremely soft, plus the range of tools is so wide and varying.

Enter their new Complexion Collection, designed to aid common skincare problems as well as makeup application. I was particularly intrigued by these, as they do have very specific claims - but do they work?

First off, I'll be honest - I prefer Ecotools' original line of brushes. I just do. Unfortunately, the bristles on these just feel a little bit... er, plasticky. Not a great start, but anyway - here I have the Skin Perfecting Brush (quite a small, densely-packed buffing brush), the Mattifying Finish Brush (a medium-sized blush-type-shaped brush) and the Eye Perfecting Brush (a rounded, small, stubby,  densely-packed... brush). There's also a Correcting Concealer Brush in the range. Phew!

I'll start with the Skin Perfecting Brush. For applying a base, I generally prefer a much looser, fluffier brush, which is probably why I didn't get on with this so well. It's very sturdy, so I find it just takes much longer to buff the product in. I did, however, try it for buffing in concealer around my nose and on my chin, which did work nicely. Side note - my current favourite brush for foundation is the Ecotools Stippling Brush. I'm obsessed with it. More on that another time!

So next, there's the Mattifying Finish Brush. This is probably my favourite - it's really nice for dusting on powder without applying too much. Apparently, it blends long, straight bristles with short, wavy bristles, which stops it from picking up too much product. Is it mattifying though? I'm not sure! Surely it's the powder that does that... a bit of a gimmick, me thinks. This also has a nice tapered end which I'm sure would be nice for blush application.

Finally we have the Eye Perfecting Brush, which is meant for concealing under the eyes. Generally for this particular task, I just use my finger to pat, so I was interested to read that this brush was shaped specifically to mimic the shape of a finger! It fares pretty well, although my only complaint is that it's a little short. When using fingers I do actually end up using quite a lot of length (ahem) when blending down towards my cheek, so this didn't quite do the job as well. I reckon this could work as a smudgey-type brush for the bottom lash-line though, so it's not all bad.

So there we go... a slightly deprecating review of Ecotools' latest offering. Hard to please, aren't I?! What are your favourite brushes?

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