Thursday, 15 October 2015

Five minutes with: Sally Curson

This week I've been chatting to the lovely Sally Curson, who owns cruelty-free skincare brand Face Matters. But there's more to this lady than business and beauty acumen!

As well as a gorgeous product range and a successful career as a beauty therapist behind her, Sally has a truly inspiring background. Having found herself homeless with two young children after a relationship breakdown, she turned to her career to get her through - and has now seen huge success with the launch of her own beauty line. Intrigued by both her story and her brand, I couldn't wait to chat to her about all things skincare, and her choice to go cruelty-free (of course!)...

ME: Hi Sally - congratulations on your new range! What's it all about?

SALLY: Well, there's only five products in the line. I've always hated it when there's too much to choose from, so I kept things simple. I also like products that have multiple uses, so different people can get different results from the same product. It's an anti-ageing range really, but certain products can be used on other skin types.

ME: So what made you want to launch your own products?

SALLY: The reason I first started developing products was because I'd began to suffer with rosacea during a very stressful time in my life. I tried everything but nothing was working, so I started to blend my own face oils. The Elixir that you'll find in the product range today is the result - there's 300 rose petals in every bottle and it works like a dream. It's my hero product.

ME: You've spoken before about a difficult time in your life when things changed for you. Can you tell me more about it?

SALLY: My life fell apart quite spectacularly one week after my 40th birthday. My marriage broke down after an emotionally and physically testing relationship - a series of disasters left me homeless with my two children, then aged five and seven. Whilst trying to cope I threw myself into my beauty treatment business, and that's when I started to work on the Face Matters formulas - it was definitely my own form of therapy.

ME: You're now working with women's charity Refuge.

SALLY: Yes, it's really important for me to help support women that may be going through similar ordeals that I did. Although I was lucky enough to find somewhere to stay at that time in my life, others aren't, so I wanted to donate a percentage from every product sold to Refuge. As the business grows, I'd certainly like to give even more!

ME: What's your mantra when it comes to beauty?

SALLY: I take inspiration from French women. Take a tiny bit of something beautiful, rather than a lot of something not. Think about the ingredients you're putting on your skin. And most importantly, take time to look after yourself - it's not selfish. If you feel your personal best you'll be your best!

ME: Finally - I'm so glad to see Face Matters is cruelty-free! Was this an important decision for you?

SALLY: We don't need to test cosmetics on animals anymore! It's unnecessary. I even print on my bottles, 'Tested on ladies in Hampshire." I think it adds that extra local touch!

Face Matters skincare is available here. Stay tuned to hear more about the range!


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  1. She is really an inspiration for women who want to do something big in their lives. Even at the later age she made it to success. At the age after 40 the skin often sags so can give a brilliant facelift treatment.


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