Saturday, 14 November 2015

REVIEW: No7 Airbrush Away Foundation

I'll admit it - I was completely sucked in by the pipette-style packaging of No7's latest foundation release. I don't know why, but I'm totally drawn to these kinds of bases. Super lightweight, easy to blend and natural coverage, its claims are right up my street really, so after a few weeks of resisting I finally gave in and bought it!

Sadly, I have mixed feelings about this product. The texture is thin and lightweight, and blends onto the skin incredibly easily - the coverage I'd say is medium but buildable. The trouble is, I have such problematic skin at the moment that this just hasn't worked for me personally (I'm suffering from hormonal breakouts at the moment). Although the texture's quite velvety, by the end of the day I'm an oily mess and the coverage has gone horribly patchy.

Unfortunately I've finally resigned myself to the fact that I need to use a much fuller foundation with a more matte formula - and I hate my skin being matte. Hey ho - highlighter's my best friend.

I think this would be fine on normal or dry skin types, but I'd steer clear if you're oily. A good powder works to a certain extent - I've also tried this with primers but unfortunately it didn't do much for the longevity. In terms of shades, there's lots of options for pale skins, although sadly not as many for darker skintones - if you do however struggle to find a fair foundation, do try one of No7's various formulas as there's a great range of tones. The shade I wear is Cool Vanilla.

Because of it's lovely blendable texture, I've been mixing this with my B. Even Oil Control Foundation which is quite thick and a little dark for me when I haven't fake tanned - it just lightens it up that little bit and makes it easier to apply. So after all that, I have found a place for it in my makeup bag! Below is a before and after image (just foundation, no concealer - lucky you!) to show you the coverage, this is a couple of layers - hope it's helpful.


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