Saturday, 27 February 2016

REVIEW - ReCover Correct & Conceal Red

As someone who suffers with lots of angry blemishes and scarring, I was intrigued by the ReCover Correct & Conceal Red - this product focuses on using yellow-toned pigments to neutralise redness and imperfections. Sounds great, right? Here are my thoughts...

Creamy, emollient and super blendable, this cruelty-free concealer is a dream to work with - particularly if you have flaky patches of skin or raised blemishes like I often do, as it doesn't cake or sit heavily on the skin. Because it's very yellowy in tone, it does do a great job of cancelling out redness, and I'd say it's a medium-to-full coverage - if you have rosacea or high-colouring on your cheeks, this is a must-try.

At first, ReCover's choice of applicator indicated more of an under eye concealer to me, but actually, the metal applicator is beautifully cooling, and feels so nice on the skin - if a little unhygienic if you're not careful to clean it.

The shade I use is Light (above), which is the palest - weirdly, the 'Fair' shade is darker! One of my only gripes with this product is the colours, actually - for a start, they only run up to olive/tan skin tones, but equally, the lightest shade just isn't quite pale enough in my opinion. In the image below, you'll see it's just sitting a tiny bit too yellow on my cool-toned skin. It is a tricky one though, as you need that yellow pigment to neutralise the redness. Pleasingly, I had an email from ReCover this week to say they are launching 'Very Light' soon, which has been formulated for those porcelain skins, so it's great to see they are listening to feedback.

Normally, I'll squeeze a small amount of this on the back of my hand, apply with fingers or a flat concealer brush, then bounce it in with a damp makeup sponge. This is my preferred method for most base products to minimise the texture on my skin and keep it looking as natural as possible. While ReCover is highly pigmented, unfortunately it doesn't quite make my imperfections invisible - admittedly though, my scarring is pretty much all over, and unless I'm going out somewhere special I'm not too bothered about covering everything. As I said, for someone who has redness or rosacea problems rather than acne or blemishes, I think this would be a fab product. 

The below photos show my skin before, then with a layer of foundation (Charlotte Tilbury Magic) and then finally with the concealer applied. You can see I'm being quite picky about the coverage!

I really admire how Annabel Jardella (the makeup artist behind the ReCover brand) is tackling specific skin issues with this line. Later this year, the brand is expanding into under-eye and pigmentation concealing products (exciting!), but for now this is their only offering. ReCover Correct and Conceal Red is available here - it's £28 for 5ml, which is fairly pricey, but I do believe the product is unique and effective. 

What are your favourite cruelty-free correcting products?


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  1. This is such a detailed review lovely !!! The concealer definitely looks amazing and makes your skin look fab too!!



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